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More What's New in G8 Research

G7/8 Summit Compliance Data Sets by Issue, 1985-2013, April 17, 2014

Special issue of the International Organisations Research Journal on global summitry, with articles by Ella Kokotsis, Julia Kulik, Caroline Bracht, Marina Larionova, John Kirton and more

Now available from Ashgate: Moving Health Sovereignty in Africa: Disease, Governance, Climate Change, edited by John Kirton, Andrew F. Cooper, Franklyn Lisk and Hany Besada

The Efficacy of G7/8 in Human Rights Governance: Explaining How it Works, by Takume Shibaike

In Memoriam: Alan M. Rugman, 1945-2014. The G8 Research Group will deeply miss our friend, collaborator and colleague, and extend our condolences to his family

G7 Brussels Trade Performance, Kathryn Kotris, June 5, 2014

The Development Promise of Brussels 2014, Joy Fitzgibbon, June 5, 2014

Energy Security and Climate Change at the G7 Brussels Summit, Ella Kokotsis, June 5, 2014

The G7: Fighting Financial Crime to Support Development, Denisse Rudich, June 5, 2014

2013 G8 Lough Erne Final Compliance Report, June 4, 2014

A Summit of Substantial Short-Term Success: Deepening Democratic Solidarity at the Brussels G7 in 2014, John Kirton, June 5, 2014

Big Words, No New Action: G7 Leaders' Foreign Policy Statement, Julia Kulik, June 5, 2014

The G7 Brussels Summit Substantial Success in Supporting Ukraine, John Kirton, June 4, 2014

Shaping Up Successfully: The Performance of the G7 Brussels Summit at Its Start, John Kirton, June 4, 2014

Final compliance report on the 2013 Lough Erne commitments now available, June 4, 2014

Robert Fauver and Nicholas Bayne: remarks from the pre-G7 summit conference, Brussels, June 2, 2014

John Kirton and Bob Fauver on VRT's Terzake show (in Dutch and English)

Dries Lesage on VRT'S Terzake show (in Dutch)

Strengthening Democratic Security and Solidarity: Prospects for the G7 Brussels Summit, by John Kirton, June 1, 2014

Fresh off the press! G7: The 2014 Brussels Summit, from Newsdesk

John Kirton and Julia Kulik: Explaining G7/8 Success with Sanctions and Force

2014: From G8 to G7? 2014: The Future of the Gx System and Global Governance — Pre-summit conference, June 2, 2014

Interim compliance report on the 2013 Lough Erne Summit

John Kirton's G8 Sanctioning Success, excerpt from Securing the Global Economy: G8 Governance for a Post-Crisis World, reproduced with permission from Ashgate

Kirton, Kulik, Bracht and Guebert: Connecting Climate Change and Health through Global Summitry, World Health and Medical Policy, March 2014

Commitments made in G7/G8 statements on Ukraine since 1975

Leonardo César Souza Ramos: Hegemonia, revolução passiva e globalização: o sistema G7/8, 2013

Commitments made in G7 statements on Ukraine, 2014

Conclusions made by the G8 on Ukraine, 1975–2013

Now available! Peter I. Hajnal's The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation, from Ashgate

G8 compliance on human rights and freedom of religion: compliance report by Takumi Shibaike, January 19, 2014

Howard Drake: Leveraging the Lough Erne Legacy, presentation to conference on G8 and G20 Summitry, January 10, 2014

Michael Wilson: G20 Economic Governance, presentation to conference on G8 and G20 Summitry, January 10, 2014

Sylvia Ostry: The Making of Summitry, Canadian International Council, January 10, 2014

For information on the G20, please visit the G20 Information Centre

Bob Fauver: Governing the U.S. Economy in a Globalized World, November 15, 2013

Africa Partnership Forum releases evaluation report/Forum pour le Partenariat avec l'Afrique publi son évaluation

Guillaume Kishibe – The G8 Plus One: The European Union at Lough Erne, June 28, 2013

Denisse Rudich – Transparency of Beneficial Ownership to Battle Tax Evasion and Illicit Finance, June 18, 2013

John Kirton, Jenilee Guebert and Julia Kulik – G8 Performance at the 2013 Lough Erne Summit: Economy, June 18, 2013

Nicholas Bayne: The United Kingdom's Approach to G8 Summitry and The 2013 G8 Summit: The Perspective of the Host

Julia Kulik: The G8 and Women's Security, June 16, 2013

Denisse Rudich: Challenges and Opportunities for the G8 Tackling Illicit Finance at Lough Erne, June 16, 2013

Media Analysis of the G8 and the 2012 Camp David Summit, June 15, 2013

2012 Camp David Final Compliance Report, June 14, 2013

Now available! The UK Summit: The G8 at Lough Erne 2013, edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch

Prospects and Possibilities for the 2013 G8 Lough Erne Summit: Trade, Transparency, Tax and Terrorism, a pre-G8 summit conference at Queen's University Belfast -- live streaming available now from Queen's University Belfast -- see QTV video here

John Kirton: A Summit of Significant Success: Prospects for the G8 Leaders at Lough Erne (updated), June 12, 2013

Plans and Preparations for the G8 Lough Erne Summit (updated June 6, 2013)

Comments by Alan Rugman, June 14

G8 compliance, 1996-2011, compiled by Caroline Bracht

Julia Kulik: A Significant First Step in Tackling Sexual Violence in Conflict, June 5, 2013

John Kirton: G20-G8 Partnership in Global Economic Governance, May 11, 2013

John Kirton on Winning Together: Advanced Countries' Approach to G20 Governance, May 3, 2013

John Kirton: A Meeting of Meaningful Advance – The 2013 G8 Foreign Ministers' London Meeting, April 15, 2013

John Kirton, Julia Kulik and Caroline Bracht, with Jenilee Guebert: Connecting Climate Change and Health through Global Summitry in an Internationally Diffusing World

John Kirton and Julia Kulik: A Summit of Significant Success: G8 Governance at Camp David in May 2012

Bessma Momani: The Arab Spring Can Bring a Demographic Dividend That Is Good for Business and Investors

Now available from Ashgate: The European Union in the G8: Promoting Consensus and Concerted Actions for Global Public Goods, edited by Marina Larionova

Jenilee Guebert: Global Health at the G8 – Integration, In Decline or Simply Stalled?

John Kirton: The G7 as First Responder for Global Financial Crises

Julia Kulik and John Kirton: At the G8 Camp David Summit, Where Are the Women? Everywhere!

John Kirton: Standing Together for Security at Camp David

John Kirton: Bearing the Burden – The Camp David G8’s Support for Afghanistan’s Economic Transition

John Kirton: Camp David’s Strong Success on Food and Nutrition

John Kirton: Several Substantial Steps Forward – The Camp David Summit's Performance on Energy and Climate Change

G8 Research Group's analysis of the media coverage of the 2011 G8 Deauville Summit

John Kirton: A Synergistic Success – The 2012 G8 Camp David’s Global Oil Market Governance

John Kirton: A Promising Performance – The 2012 G8 Camp David Economic Governance

Projected discussions and outcomes from the Camp David Summit on Arab countries in transition, Afghanistan, food security and nutrition, energy and climate change, economy, regional and poliitcal security

G8 Research Group release final compliance report on the 2011 Deauville Summit

G8 Camp David Schedule and Agenda

Plans and Preparations for the G8 Camp David Summit

Now available! The G8 Camp David Summit 2012: The Road to Recovery, with contributions from Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Stephen Harper and many more

Mirta Roses Periago: The "O" Generation – tackling the childhood obesity epidemic

Julio Frenk: Strengthening maternal, newborn and child health: the next steps

John Kirton: G8 Global Leadership – The Camp David Contribution in 2012 (updated)

Stephen Harper: G8: acting together for global prosperity and security

Angela Merkel: Cooperation, responsibility, solidarity

Anthony Lake: Investing in nutrition security is key to sustainable development

David Shorr: Working to prevent nuclear proliferation in the Gulf

Jeff Sturchio: More than money: the business contribution to global health

John Kirton: Japan's Contribution to G8, G20 and Global Governance

Report on Civil Society and the 2011 G8 Deauville Summit, February 28, 2012

Plans for the G8 Chicago Summit, updated February 23, 2012

Germany's G8 Health Performance, by John Kirton and Caroline Bracht

Russia’s Global Health Governance Gap: A Strategy for Summit Success, by Julia Kulik

John Kirton, Jenille Guebert and Caroline Bracht: G8 Accountability on Climate Change, 1975-2011

Marina Larionova: Assessing G8 and G20 Effectiveness in Global Governance So Far

Thijs Van de Graaf and Kirsten Westphal: The G8 and G20 as Global Steering Committees for Energy

John Kirton and Laurette Dubé: From New York to Cannes: Baby Steps in the Battle against NCDs, September 21

Claudia Schmucker and Katharina Gnath: From G8 to G20: Reforming the Global Economic Governance System

Katharina Gnath and Claudia Schmucker: Germany and the G8 Clubs (in German and French)

Peter Hajnal: "Civil Society and G8 Accountability," In Jan Aart Scholte's Building Global Democracy? Civil Society and Accountable Global Governance

Nicholas Bayne: Economic Diplomat

All the conclusions the G8 have ever declared on Africa, climate change and transnational organized crime

John Kirton: Driving Democracy at Deavuille — The G8 Summit's Striking Success in 2011, May 27, 2011

Seating plan of the G8 leaders at the Deauville Summit

John Kirton: Prospects for the 2011 G8 Deauville Summit (updated May 26, 2011)

Civil Society and the Deauville Summit, May 26, 2011

The Deauville Summit Schedule, May 26, 2011

G8 Research Group releases 2010 G8 Compliance Report on commitments from the Muskoka Summit

The 2011 G8 Deauville Summit: New World, New Ideas — now available

Report on Media Analysis of G8 members at the G20 Seoul Summit

Report on Civil Society and the 2010 G8 Muskoka Summit

2010 Muskoka Summit Interim Compliance Report now available

Andreas Freytag, John Kirton, Razeen Sally and Paolo Savona, eds.: Securing the Global Economy

John Kirton: Why the G8 Will Endure

What has the G8 said about Egypt over the years? G8 Conclusions on Egypt, 1975-2010

John Kirton: Enhancing Effectiveness through Improved Accountability Assessment

John Kirton: The G20, the G8, the G5 and the Role of Ascending Powers

At the summit: G8 Research Group photo album

Jenilee Guebert and Shamir Tanna: Canada's Leadership at the G8 Muskoka Summit

State University High School of Economics conference: Partnership for Progress from the G20 Muskoka-Toronto Summits to Seoul, Moscow, October 27-27, 2010, with photos

John Kirton: Working Together for G8-G20 Partnership: The Muskoka-Toronto Twin Summits, June 2010.

Now available! The G20 Seoul Summit 2010: Shared Growth Beyond Crisis with contributions by Lee Myung-bak, Stephen Harper, Nicolas Sarkozy, Felipe Calderon, Angela Merkel, Herman Van Rompuy and many more

Paolo Savona: The euro and the Greek crisis: a new international monetary scenario

Amandine Scherrer: Offshore jurisdictions

Ahmad Muhammad Ali: The role of Islamic finance in the post-crisis world

Muhammad Yunus: Social business and the G8/G20

Domenico Lombardi: The G20, the International Monetary Fund and global surveillance

Juan Somavia: Generating Jobs, Sustaining Growth

Paul Martin: Making Globalization Work

Robert Fauver: Prospects for Global Growth

Sir John Holmes: Building effective humanitarian responses for the 21st century

Angel Gurria: Sustaining Global Growth — A Strategic Approach to Development

Sylvia Ostry: Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will

William White: The Importance of Collective Action and Strong Policy Frameworks

Ban Ki-moon: Keeping the Promise of the Millennium Development Goals

Robin Lennox: G8 Initiative on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Fails to Eliminate Global Gap

Japanese-language publications on the G8 and the G20

Peter Hajnal: The World Religions Summit – the Interfaith Leaders in the G8 Nations, Notes of an Observer

John Kirton: In Substance, the Summits Were a Success, Toronto Star

John Kirton: The G20 and Multilateral Reform

John Kirton, James Orbinski and Jenilee Guebert: The Case for a Global Health Strategy for Canada

Tu Xinquan: China's Role in a World in Crisis (in English and Chinese)

Fact Sheet: G8 and G20 summit costs over the years (updated July 5, 2010)

Report on 2010 G8/G20 summit security costs from Canada's Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer

Now available: G8 & G20: The 2010 Canadian Summits, by John Kirton and Madeline Koch

Sara Shearkhani: Iran's Response to the G8 Muskoka Leaders Declaration

2010 Muskoka Country Assessment, Issue Assessment and Extended Dialogue Report now available

Susan Khazaeli: Reflections on Iran's Nuclear Program at the 2010 G8 Muskoka Summit

Alan Alexandroff: Still, A Part-Time Leader

John Kirton: From Muskoka to Toronto to Seoul in G8-G20 Global Health Governance

Caroline Bracht: Taking Stock of Accountability at the 2010 Muskoka Summit

Jenilee Guebert: What Happened to Maternal and Child Health Initiative at the 2010 G8 Muskoka Summit?

Money mobilized by the Muskoka Initiative on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

John Kirton: A Big Baby Step Forward – The Muskoka Initiative on Maternal, Newborn and Children's Health

Naoto Kan: Japan's Responsibilities – G20, G8 and APEC (in English, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish)

Barack Obama: From Crisis to Recovery (in English, French, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish)

Lee Myung-bak: The G20 – A Timely Forum (in English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, Turkish)

Harry Skinner: G8 Ocean Governance, 1975-2010

Civil Society activities: statements from 2010 Interfaith Leaders and Forum International de Montréal

Fact Sheets: G8 and G20 data on climate change control and on energy

Progress through Partnership: Prospects for the 2010 Muskoka-Toronto Summits, by John Kirton (draft of June 24/10)

Plans and preparations for Canada's 2010 Muskoka Summit (as of June 23/10)

G8 Muskoka Summit program

Compliance report on G20 Pittsburgh commitments, from HSE

Coverage of G8 Research Group's press conference on compliance report.

Janice Stein and John Kirton on the G8 and G20 (click on "G8/G20 Insights")

G8 Research Group final compliance report on 2009 commitments now available

Stephen Harper, Canadian prime minister: Recovery and New Beginnings [English, French, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesia, Japanese, Chinese]

Lee Myung-bak, Korean president: The G20: A Timely Forum

Lee Dong-hwi: A Nuclear-Free World and Korea

David Shorr: A Bigger Table, A Broader Agenda

Trevor Findlay: The Contributions and Challenges of Nuclear Energy

Watch the address by The Honourable Lawrence Cannon here

Watch the address by The Honourable Peter Van Loan here

CORRECTION: G8 compliance report will be released on June 21, 2010

Watch the address by Senator Mike Duffy on "The G8, the G20 and Canada's Agenda; How Canadian Public Policy
Contributes to the Summits of 2010

Watch the address by the Hon. Bev Oda, Canada's Minister of International Cooperation, on the Role of the G8 in International Development

Report on economic impact of the 2005 Gleneagles Summit

Find a Munk School expert on the G8 and G20 here

Beaver at the 1988 G7 Toronto Summit, and other archival video footage

Fact Sheet: Economic Benefits of Hosting G8 and G20 Summits

Policy briefs on the G8 Muskoka Summit (updated)

Assessment of G8 commitments on maternal and child health

Alan Alexandroff, David Shorr and Wang Zaibang — Leadership and the Global Governance Agenda: Three Voices

Paul Martin speaks on the G20 at the Empire and Canadian Clubs, June 2, 2010

John Kirton: The G20's Approach to Financial Risk and Risk Management

Africa Progress panel releases report on the G8 and Africa

ONE releases report on the G8 and Africa

John Kirton: The G20 Summit as International Negotiation Process

Fact Sheets: G8 and development, G8 and G20 economic indicators, G8 and G20 global health indicators

John Kirton: The G8-G20 Role and Relationship

Fact Sheets: G8 and G20 military capabilities and demographics

Jenilee Guebert on the G8 and global health in Paul C. Webster's CMAJ article

Accountability record of the G8 and G20 on development, April 2010

Canada-Korea High-Level G20 Seminar: Report 2010

Jenilee Guebert and John Kirton: Accountability Report on Arms Control and Non-proliferation: The G8’s Compliance Record from 1975 to 2009

John Kirton: Why the World Needs G8 and G20 Summitry

Alan S. Alexandroff: Challenges in Global Governance: Opportunities for G-x Leadership

2009 G8 Interim Compliance Report released

G8 summit conclusions on Iran

Jennifer Gronau: G7/G8 Artifacts and the Politics of Self-Representation

Martin Nonhoff, Jennifer Gronau, Frank Nullmeier and Steffen Schneider: The Politicization of International Institutions — The Case of the G8

John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert: The Climate Change–Health Connection

John Kirton: Assessing G8 and G20 Performance, 1975-2009

John Kirton on BNN (tv) on the Iqaluit G7 finance ministerial

Background papers on children's and maternal health (Conference: Accountability, Innovation and Coherence in G8 Health Governance: Seizing Canada's G8 Opportunity)

G8 summit conclusions on reform of international financial institutions, and on development

Erin Fitzgerald: G8 Research Group student leader wins Rhodes scholarship

G8 summit conclusions on macroeconomics from 1975 to 2009

John Kirton's The G20: Representativeness, Effectiveness and Leadership in Global Governance

G8 commitments on health, 1975-2009

G8 summit conclusions on natural disasters

All G8 commitments from 1975 to 2009

Compliance with G8 Commitments on Maternal and Children's Health, 1975-2009

John Kirton: A Committed Contributor – Japan in G8 and G20 Governance

G8 summit conclusions on financial crises, China, energy, migration, children, the Balkans and more

Just published: Making Global Economic Governance Effective, edited by John Kirton, Marina Larionova and Paolo Savona

John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert: Health Accountability: The G8's Compliance Record from 1975 to 2009

John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert: Climate Change Accountability: The G8's Compliance Record from 1975 to 2009

G8 conclusions on climate change, 1975-2009

Peter Hajnal: Civil Society at the 2009 G8 Summit in L'Aquila

Peter Hajnal: Civil Society and the 2008 G8 Hokkaido Summit

Ulrich Schneckener: The Opportunities and Limits of Global Governance by Clubs

Jennifer Gronau and Steffen Schneider: Metaphorical Concepts in the Construction of International Legitimacy

Congratulations to the 2009 Catherwood Scholars

Conclusions on food and agriculture in G8 documents

Lee Dong-hwi: The G20 in Korean Diplomacy

John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert on "Bringing Health into the Climate Change Regime: The Opportunity for Copenhagen 2009 and Muskoka 2010"

Town of Huntsville launches G8 website

John Kirton, Fen Hampson and Shauna Sylvester on Canada and the G8/G20 (The Agenda on October 13)

Domenico Lombardi on the G8 and the G20 on TVO's The Agenda

John Kirton and Madeline Boyce: Making History: G20 Governance from Pittsburgh to Muskoka

The G20 Pittsburgh Summit 2009, edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch (full pdf now available!)

G20 documents and articles now available in Chinese

John Kirton: "Coexistence, Cooperation, Competition: G Summits," Aspenia

Recent writings on the G8 by Dries Lesage et al., Skander Nasra et al., and Katharina Gnath and Niklaus Reimers

Judith Huigens and Arne Niemann: The EU within the G8, EU Diplomacy Papers 5/2009

John Kirton — The Performance of the G8 at L’Aquila 2009: A Summit of Solid Success, July 13, 2009

Julie Feinberg and John Kirton: Promoting Democracy in Iran, July 9, 2009

George von Furstenberg on the G8 leaders declaration on the economy, July 9, 2009

Madeline Boyce: G8 Climate Governance, 1975-2008

G5 compliance report with 2008 statement

George von Furstenberg: Economic Issues Fit for the L'Aquila G8 Summit, July 8, 2009

John Kirton: Prospects for the G8 L'Aquila Summit, July 6//09

Canada's Harper: "La contribution du sommet du G8 en 2010" "L'Apporto del Vertice 2010" "Beitrag zum G8-Gipfel 2010" Also in Russian and Chinese and Spanish and Japanese

Berlusconi's From La Maddalena to L'Aquila in Russian and Chinese (from "G8 2009")

John Kirton: Prospects for the 2010 Muskoka Summit

Domenico Lombardi: A New IMF?

Kamalesh Sharma: The G20, or the G200?

Luis Moreno: Growing to Meet Future Challenges

Haruhiko Kuroda: Achieving Interdependence

Donald Kaberuka: Long-Term Commitment Vital for Africa’s Growth

Nobuo Tanaka, IEA: The Sustainable Energy Contribution

Mario Draghi: The Financial Stability Board

Angel Gurría, OECD: A strategy for global economic growth

Lars Thunell: The IFC's Role in Trade Finance and Development

Alan Alexandroff and Andrew F. Cooper: The trouble with trade

Lee Myung-bak: Bridging the Washington-London G20 Summits and Beyond [also available in Korean]

Barack Obama: Welcome Message to the Pittsburgh Summit (also available in French, Chinese, Korean) from Newsdesk

Gordon Brown: London's Legacy (also available in French, Chinese) from Newsdesk

Stephen Harper: From Pittsburgh to Muskoka (also available in French, Chinese) from Newsdesk

John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert: Prospects for the Pittsburgh Summit (also available in Chinese) from Newsdesk

Final Compliance Report released, monitoring commitments made at the 2008 Hokkaido Summit

Now available, from Newsdesk: G8 2009: From La Maddalena to L'Aquila

Plans and preparations for Italy's 2009 summit (as of June 29/09)

Japan's Aso "Toward Better Global Global Governance" (in Japanese)

G8 civil society outreach session with Canada's G8 team, June 19, 2009

Pre-Summit Conferences in Rome, June 30, July 1, July 6, 2009

John Kirton: The Inconvenient Truth (about BRICs and Canada), CIC blog, May 28, 2009

John Kirton: Implications of the G20 London Summit for International Banking, April 27, 2009

John Kirton: Governing Global Trucks and Buses — The G8 and G20 Roles, May 12, 2009

John Kirton's analysis of the G20 communiqué (Wall Street Journal)

Now available: The G20 London Summit: Growth, Stability, Jobs, edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch

Summit of Historic Success: The Performance of the G20 in Washington in 2008, by John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert

Interim O5 Compliance Report released

Alternative Summits, Alternative Perspectives: Special issue of the Asia-Pacific Journal on the 2008 Hokkaido Summit, edited by Philip Seaton

For such a time as this: John Kirton gives public talk and live webcast at Victoria University at 7pm in Toronto, November 18

The G20 Leaders Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, edited by John Kirton

John Kirton's prospects for the November 14-15 leaders summit

John Kirton's performance assessment of the G20 finance meeting, November 9, 2008

For the latest on the G20 finance and leaders meetings, see the G20 Information Centre

Dai Xianglong, former Chinese central banker, reflects on the G20's tenth anniversary, in English and Chinese

John Kirton: Prospects for the G20 finance Sao Paulo meeting, November 8-9, 2008

Growth, Innovation, Inclusion: The G20 at 10, edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch

Ivan Savic: Coping with Today's Financial Crisis: Lessons from the Past

G20 analysis: Performance assessments and international financial institution governance

John Kirton: A Summit of Substantial Success: The Performance of the 2008 G8 (Updated August 18, 2008)

Pamela Jordan in Open Democracy: Expel Russia from the G8?

David Welch: Canada Has a Chance to Remake World Summitry, Toronto Star, July 18, 2008

G8 Research Group LSE/Oxford releases Final Compliance Report on Climate Change for the G8 and Outreach Five, updated July 20

Chiara Oldani: Ecco l'ultimo G8 della storia, in Economy

John Kirton's grades for the Hokkaido summit

John Kirton's performance assessments on climate change and the host's performance

2008 Hokkaido performance assessment reports on issues and countries released

Hugo Dobson: Where Are the Women at the G8?, updated July 9, 2008

Plans and preparations for 2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit (as of July 6/08)

Factsheet: G8 Capabilities: Are They in Decline?

CIGI's Andrew F. Cooper, Gregory Chin and Andrew Schrumm: Blog on the 2008 G8 Summit

John Kirton: The Case for G8 Reform (Updated June 29, 2008)

G8 Research Group and UNU University conference with live webcast: Global Development Challenges, Desired G8 Responses, July 1, Tokyo

John Kirton: Enlarged Directorates as Effective Global Governance for All"

Interview with John Kirton in the Asahi Shimbun: "Is the G8 effective for solving global crises?"

Final Compliance reports: G8 Heiligendamm and Outreach Five

Karsten Wenzlaff: Membership of Key Economies in International Organisations and G8 Action Plan on Local Currency Bond Markets - Overview

G8: Hokkaido Toyako Summit 2008 from Newsdesk Media and Agora Publications

G8 Research Group and Keio University conference: G8 and Global Security Governance, July 2, Tokyo

G8 Research Group and Centre for International Public Policy Studies: Global Challenges, Global Environment, G8 Innovations, July 3, Tokyo

G8 Compliance with Health Commitments, 1975-2007

Draft Final Outreach Five Compliance Report

Nuclear Energy in G8 Communiqués, 1975-2007

Climate Change in G8 Communiqués, 1975-2007, updated June 5/08

G8 Compliance with Climate Change Commitments, updated June 5, 2008

John Kirton: Prospects for the 2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit: Key Messages for the Future of Summitry

Food and agriculture in G8 Communiqués, 1975-2007

Updated G20 bibliography

G8 outreach webcast with Canadian sherpa Len Edwards: May 2 at 14h30 EST

Check out G8 Live for news and information

United Nations University holds G8-related events in Tokyo

G8 Research Group releases interim compliance report on the Heiligendamm Summit

G8 Research Group Oxford releases interim compliance report on the G8 and climate change

G8 Research Group to release interim compliance report on February 27: News release

G8 exhibit opens at the Graham Library at Trinity College

Canadian Council of Churches holds G8 information sessions in Winnipeg and Halifax with John Kirton as speaker

2008 Catherwood address by Derek Burney: "Reflections on Summitry"

Sven Biscop on the EU and the European Security Strategy: Forging a Global Europe, Toronto, February 4, 2008

Amandine Scherrer on the G8 and Transnational Organized Crime, Toronto, January 21, 2008

Heiligendamm archives available in online finding aid

John Kirton and Jenilee Guebert: G8's Record on Climate Change Compliance

Peter Hajnal: Can Civil Society Influence G8 Accountability?

Two papers on the G8 and the L20 by Dries Lesage

Apply to join the G8 Research Group Oxford

Katharina Gnath on Heiligendamm and Outreach

John Kirton: "Two Solitudes, One War: Public Opinion, National Unity and Canada's War in Afghanistan"

The Choreography of Resistance: Civil Society Action at the 2007 G8 Summit, by Joanna Dafoe and Miranda Lin

Reading lists and syllabi for courses taught by John Kirton for 2007/08

Catch up with the Catherwood scholars to see where they are now

Heiligendamm Performance Assessments by country and by issue

Interview with Jürgen Maier of the German NGO Forum Environment and Development

John Kirton: G8: An Economic Forum of the Enlarged Western Alliance? The Record from Rambouillet 1975 through Heiligendamm 2007 to Canada 2010

Outreach Five Country Assessment Report

Geoffrey Underhill: Global Financial Architecture, Legitimacy and Representation: Voice for Emerging Markets

The G8 and Africa: G8 Compliance to Africa Commitments and Civil Society Involvement since 2005

John Kirton in Atlantic Community: "Blair's Farewell Breathes New Life into G8". Also available in Russian

G8 Summit 2007: Growth and Responsibility, from Agora Publications and NewDesk Communications

From the Civil Society and Expanded Dialogue Unit: The G8 Presidency and Civil Society

Country Objectives and Data Reports

From St. Petersburg to Heiligendamm: The Continued Involvment of the "Outreach Five"

Final Compliance Report now available; summary available in German

Pre-summit academic conference papers: Brussels and Berlin; webcast of conference and compliance report

Berend Diekmann: Growth and Responsibility: Leitmotif for Germany's G8 Presidency

John Kirton: "The Bottom Line: Has the G8 Met Its Goals?" "The G8's Energy-Climate Change Connection" "Ausblick auf den 2007 G8 Gipfel in Heiligendamm"

Louise Fréchette: "International Governance, the G8 and Globalization"

Robert Fauver: " Globalization, Security and the Legitimacy of the G8"

Dates announced for 2008 Hokkaido Summit

Prospective agenda for Hokkaido 2008 (Updated April 30/07)

Japan announces Hokkaido will host in 2008

G8 Research Group - Oxford University team members

Prospective agendas for finance ministers and foreign ministers (Updated May 16/07)

Information on Pre-Summit Academic Conferences

Prospective agenda for Heiligendamm 2007 (Updated May 25/07)

John Kirton: Keeping Russia Connected to the G8 Club

Webcast of G8 outreach session with Canadian sherpa and APR, April 19

Peter Hajnal: CIGI Working Paper on "Summitry from G5 to L20"

Civil Society and Expanded Dialogue Unit's Research Program

St. Petersburg Interim Compliance Report now available

St. Petersburg documents now available in finding aid

Prospective Agenda for February 9-10 Finance Ministers

Conference: From St. Petersburg to Heiligendamm: Legacy, Learning, and Looking Ahead to the 2007 G8 Summit, February 8, 2007, Toronto

John Kirton: The Rule of Law from the Gray Lecture to Global Leadership

Agora Publications announces 2007 Heiligendamm Summit publication

Peter Hajnal: The 2006 St. Petersburg Summit and Civil Society, Civil G8 Forum, December 2, 2006, Moscow

John Kirton: Harper's Foreign Policy Success? (Address to the CIIA) and The Harper Years (Lecture 12b)

African Youth Foundation releases Africa's New Journey: Can the Youth Claim NEPAD's Promise?

oronto and Moscow G8 Research Group analysts and team members

John Kirton: Canada Shows Its Strength, Toronto Star, October 31, 2006

John Kirton: A Player Again, Globe and Mail, October 5, 2006

Prospective agenda for finance ministerial meeting

Assessment Scores and Reports now available

New and updated factsheets: on on-site bilateral meetings and accredited media

Compliance Coding Manual now available

John Kirton's "The Group of Eight" in Canadian Foreign Policy in a Changing World

Political-Security Commitments, 1975-2006

Full text of all G8 commitments since 1975 and G20 commitments since 1999

John Kirton: A Summit of Significant Success

Performance Monitoring

John Kirton: Deepening Russia's Democracy

John Kirton: Updated Prospects for the St. Petersburg Summit

St Petersburg schedule of meetings and documents

G8 Member States and 2006 St Petersburg Priorities on energy security, health and education

From Gleneagles to St Petersburg: Expanded dialogue report on the G5

State University Higher School of Economics G8 Research Team releases Russian compliance report

Final Compliance Report on Gleneagles

Russian foreign minister Lavrov welcomes conference participants

New G8 research centre launched at MGIMO

G8 Summit 2006: Issues and Instruments, from Agora Publications

June 30 seminar at State University Higher School of Economics in Moscow

Webcast of June 29 pre-summit conference at MGIMO in Moscow

John Kirton: Implementing G8 Economic Commitments

Joseph Nye: Russia and the G8

Kevin Cherry: Russia and Civil Society

Civil Society Unit: Russia and the G8

Kevin Cherry: Russia and Civil Society

John Kirton: The G8 and Global Energy Governance

Fact Sheet: International Organizations at the Summit

Civil Society and Expanded Dialogue report on Gleneagles 2005

Updated prospective agenda for the St. Petersburg Summit

Jeffrey Kopstein: What Is Russia?

Pre-Summit Conference and Seminar provisional agendas now available for MGIMO on June 29 and SU-HSE June 30

Video now available of G8 Outreach Session with Russia's Igor Shuvalov and Canada's Peter Harder, April 10

John Kirton: The G8 and Global Health Governance: The Case for a 2006 Eurasian HIV/AIDS Initiative

John Kirton and Laura Sunderland: The G8 and Global Education Governance

Russia's 2006 G8: Combining Continuity and Innovation for Summit Success, by John Kirton and Laura Sunderland (published in Italianieuropei)

Peter Hajnal: "Civil Society at the Gleneagles Summit," paper presented at Civil G8 March 9 forum

Checking In on the G8's Progress conference - Watch video from February 9 conference with the release of the 2005 Interim Compliance Report

Russian-Language Bibliography now available

G8 Research Group brochure now available in Russian

NGOs/ONG: Call for interventions | appel à interventions | Aufruf zu Interventionen | Chiamata per interventi

Latest research on G8 compliance: Scholars' papers presented at the International Studies Association convention, San Diego, March 22-25, 2006

Read about the G8 Research Group: Students Hold World Leaders Accountable

Civil Society and Expanded Dialogue Unit Update

Adrian Morson in The Varsity: Russia's Wobbly G8 Legitimacy

NGO outreach sessions in Ottawa (Feb 6), Toronto (Feb 8) and Montreal (Feb 10)

Issue-specific catalogues from G8 summits since 1975 now available on health, energy and more

John Kirton: Canada's New Government's Foreign Policy and the St Petersburg G8 Summit

John Kirton: Preparing the Toronto Summit (in Russian)

John Kirton and Jenevieve Mannell: "G8 and Global Health Governance," Waterloo, Ontario, November 11, 2005

John Kirton: "From Collective Security to Concert: The UN, G8 and Global Security Governance," Montreal, October 28, 2005

Vladimir Vasiliev, Duma: " Russian Assistance to Africa," London, October 19-22, 2005. Also available in Russian.

Stella Luk and Nathalie Meurens: Can the U.S. and France Veto a Doha Deal: The Legal Dimension

John Kirton: "A Promising Push: Complying with the Gleneagles G8 Africa Commitments and Parliamentarians' Role," London, October 20, 2005

J8 Global Citizenship Programme, an educational youth event for the St Petersburg Summit, launches

Congratulations to the 2005 Catherwood winners Vanessa Corlazzoli and Wynne Lawrence

Master list of G8 Research Group Compliance Reports

G8 finding aid updated to include Gleneagles documents in English and Russian

Fact Sheet: Summit Meeting Sites

Reports from Sabrina Shaw at the WTO' s Hong Kong ministerial

Peter Teslenko: Report on Civil G8 2006, Russia's civil society outreach

Interviews with civil society representatives and reports from the Gleneagles

Mary Gazze: Will the Impact of Live 8 Last?

Victoria Panova: Impressions of the 2005 Gleneagles Summit

Nicholas Bayne: Overcoming Evil with Good: Impressions of the Gleneagles Summit, 6-8 July, 2005

Mikhail Savostiyanov: Looking forward to the 2006 St. Petersburg Summit

Gleneagles Performance: Remit Mandates, Institutions Created, Money Mobilized, Number of Documents, Words and Commitments

2004 Sea Island Final Compliance Report released July 1

G8 and Africa Final Report released by the Civil Society and Expanded Dialogue Unit

G8 Summit 2005: Mapping the Challenges, a publication by Agora Projects with contributions by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jeffrey Sachs, Donald Johnston and more

Fact Sheet on Terrorism involving G8 Countries and Citizens

Reports, photographs and interviews from the Civil Society and Extended Dialogue Unit

G8 Reform: Expanding the Dialogue

Updated – Gleneagles Performance: Media Coverage

John Kirton: London Explosions Will Not Divert the Gleneagles Summit Leaders

John Kirton: What to Watch For at Gleneagles, July 6

Gleneagles Summit Participants, Schedule and Agenda

Pre-Summit Conference Video and Papers now available

John Kirton: Energizing Global Sustainable Development: Promising Prospects for the Gleneagles G8 [PDF], July 2, 2005

Video of Pre-G8 Summmit Symposium on "Understanding the G8," London, June 27, 2005

John Kirton: Assessment of G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting, June 23, 2005

John Kirton: "A Summit of Pride and Influence? Canada and the Gleneagles Summit," Munk Centre Monitor, Summer 2005

Latest G8 Governance working paper: Performing the Twelve Labors: The G8's Role in the Fight against Money Laundering by Denisse Rudich

G8 Research Group fundraising campaign begins

Webcast of April 8 session on Canada's and the UK's Objectives for the Gleneagles Summit, with Peter Harder and Sir Michael Jay now available

Lectures and official documents now available in Russian

Global Governance and the G8: Global Corporate Citizenship and Non-state Actors in International Development research project, led by Marketa Evans

G8 Research Group's Civil Society and Extended Dialogue Unit releases report on G8 and Africa

John Kirton: From G7 to G20: Capacity, Leadership and Normative Diffision in Global Financial Governance, ISA Conference 2005

New books: Nicholas Bayne's Staying Together: The G8 Confronts the 21st Century; New Perspectives on Global Governance: Why America Needs the G8, edited by Michele Fratianni, John Kirton, Alan Rugman and Paolo Savona

Ella Kokotsis: Explaining Compliance with G20 Commitments, ISA Conference 2005

2004 Sea Island Interim Compliance Report assesses compliance with commitments made at Sea Island

Finding Aid now includes links to English- and French-language documents

G8 Governance Working Paper by Amandine Scherrer: "Le G8 face au crime organisé."

Nicholas Bayne, Shinichiro Uda and Heidi Ullrich: "The Tartan Talks: Gleneagles 2005," LSE Magazine (Winter 2004).

Sir Nicholas Bayne: The Prospects for the 2005 Gleneagles Summit, Toronto, November 22. Text now available.

Fact Sheet: G7/8 and China

G8 Governance Working Paper: Giulio Gallarotti's "Confronting the Impediments to International Economic Cooperation"

David Runnalls, President, IISD, appointed special advisor on sustainable development.

Reports on the Quebec City Summit of the Americas

The G8 Research Group is pleased to welcome His Excellency, Guiliano Amato, President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic, to the University of Toronto for a private meeting on March 27 to discuss the work of the G8 Research Group and the forthcoming Genoa G8 Summit.

The G8 Research Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Ambassador Koji Watanabe to the Professional Advisory Council, March 9, 2001.

Bailin, Alison. From Traditional to Institutionalized Hegemony. G8 Governance. No. 6 (February 2001). This article introduces a new model, institutionalized hegemony, that synthesizes and extends hegemonic stability and institutionalism and shows that a group of great powers replaced the US as the hegemon in the mid-1970s. [PDF]

Germain, Randall D. Reforming the International Financial Architecture: The New Political Agenda. Paper presented at the International Studies Association, Chicago, IL, February 20-24, 2001. [PDF]

Sussmann, Michael A. "The Critical Challenges From International High-Tech and Computer-Related Crime at the Millennium". Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law, 9 No.2 (Spring 1999): 451-489. [PDF].

Kirton, John J. "Embedded Ecologism and Institutional Inequality: Linking Trade, Environment and Social Cohesion in the G8." [PDF] Paper prepared for a panel on ìNew Directions in Global Trade Governance: Competition, Consensus and Coherenceî at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association, Chicago, February 20-24, 2001.

"New Directions in Global Trade Governance: Competition, Consensus and Coherence," a panel at this year's International Studies Association, will take place on Wednesday, February 23, 2001, from 3:45 to 5:30 p.m. at the Chicago Hilton in Chicago, IL. The session will be chaired by John Kirton, University of Toronto, who will also present "The Trade-Environment-Social Cohesion Interface: Towards a New Consensus and Coherence." Other panellists are Theodore H. Cohn, Simon Fraser University, "http://www.g8.utoronto.ca/stimulating Trade Liberalization After Seattle: G7 Leadership in Global Governance," Heidi Ullrich, London School of Economics and Political Science, "The G7 and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Past Performance, Future Challenges" and Nicholas Bayne, London School of Economics and Political Science, "Global Trade Governance: The Role of International Institutions." The discussant is Jeffrey Hart of Indiana University.

The G8 Research Group is pleased to announce the apppointment of David Malone, President of the International Peace Academy, as Special Advisor on conflict prevention, human security and international securty.

Guiding Global Order: G8 Governance in the Twenty-First Century, edited by John J. Kirton, University of Toronto, Joseph P. Daniels, Marquette University, and Andreas Freytag, University of Cologne, is now available from http://www.ashgate.com/html/series8.html. The latest in the G8 and Global Governance series from Ashgate Publishing, this volume has contributions from Donald Brean, University of Toronto, Pierre Marc Johnson, Heenan Blaikie, Klemens Fischer, Minister Counseller, Permanent Representation of Austria to the European Union, Christoph Schwegmann, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, and George von Furstenburg, Fordham University, among others.

John J. Kirton, "Creating Coherence in Global Environmental Governance: Canada's 2002 Opportunity [PDF]." Paper presented at a conference on "Canada @ the World," sponsored by the Policy Research Secretariat, Westin Hotel, Ottawa, November 30-December 1, 2000.

Nicholas Bayne, 'Looking Beyond North American Elections: Prospects for Trade and Financial Liberalisation'. The Robert H. Catherwood Lecture, 6 November, 2000.

"Controlling For Domestic-Level Commitments: An Analysis of the Authoritative National Commitments Made in Canada and the United States from 1995-2000", by Diana Juricevic. November 7, 2000. [PDF]

"The G20 Montreal Ministerial Meeting: Poverty and Debt Relief Initiative". Prepared by Oana Dolea and Bob Papanikolaou

"The G20 Montreal Ministerial Meeting: Globalization". Prepared by Aaron Gairdner

"Private Sector Involvement, Standards and Codes, Institutional Reform and the Financial Sectory": A Report From the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, Montréal, Oct 25, 2000. Prepared by Marilena Liguori and Nicol Lorantffy.

"Civil Society": A Report From the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, Montréal, Oct 25, 2000. Prepared by Christine Lucyk.

"Exchange Rate Management": A Report from the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, Montréal, Oct 25, 2000. Prepared by Gina Stephens.

"The G20 Montreal Ministerial Meeting: A Preliminary Assessment". Professor John Kirton, Director, G8 Research Group. October 25, 2000.

The Robert H. Catherwood Scholarship, Sept. 27, 2000.

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