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The G8 Research Program

The G8 Research Group Program currently undertakes scholarly and policy relevant research and public education on the issues and institutions of the G8 Summit through the conduct of six integrated components.

The Research and Analysis Program produces the finished scholarly and academic products which are disseminated through the Research Library and the Internet site to a host of governmental, academic and professional users.

The Seminar and Conference Program provides a forum for enhancing public awareness of the Summit process, including the G8 Speakers Series.

The G8 Information Centre contains the world's most comprehensive, authoritative and timely set of electronic information and analysis on the G8.

The Physical Collection held at the G8 Research Library at the John W. Library at Trinity College processes material for the website and services users directly.

The Teaching Program prepares and coordinates the research team for the tasks necessary to compile resources and produce the analysis for both the library and the website.

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