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With such a concentration of political and economic resources occuring in the form of the Summit it has become important to analyze the workings and effectiveness of this global forum.

The G8 Research Group seeks to understand the Summit process by posing questions that address the following subjects:

  • the impact of these gatherings on the international community;
  • the effectiveness of leaders at the Summit in representing and achieving the goals of their respective countries;
  • the degree to which members comply with their Summit commitments;
  • the Summit's relationship with other international organizations such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development;
  • the level of communication between international non-government organizations and the Summit process;
  • the issue of expanded membership.

The Research and Analysis Program has developed the following initiatives listed below:

  • Country and Issue Reports provide an executive summary of the current thinking as it pertains to each country and issue in the Summit process.
  • Annual Performance Assessments of the performance of each country at the Summit are conducted on-site on the closing day of the Summit.
  • Annual Compliance Assessments seek to measure the compliance of each Summit member state with the commitments reached collectively at the previous year's Summit and published in the final communiqué.
  • G8 Governance provides an instant outlet and resource for the latest in scholarly work on the G8 Summit.

The project’s Research Analysts work on-site at each summit to provide background briefs and assist news organizations in their Summit coverage.

The education and training of students, particularly those preparing for careers within international organizations, the foreign service, international business, journalism, academia, and public policy and public interest organizations.

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