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G7 Digital and Tech Track Annex 5:
G7 Action Plan for Promoting Global Interoperability between Tools for Trustworthy AI

Takasaki, Gunma, April 30, 2023

See: Ministerial Declaration The G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting
Annex 1: Priorities and Operationalisation of the DFFT
Annex 2: G7 Vision for Future Networks in the Beyond 5G/6G Era
Annex 3: G7 Action Plan for Building a Secure and Resilient Digital Infrastructure
Annex 4: G7 Action Plan for Open, Free, Global, Interoperable, Reliable, and Secure Internet

  1. We resolve to support role of interoperable tools for trustworthy AI in promoting human-centric and trustworthy AI, and recognise their role in building trust in AI and data-driven economies, as well as in creating open and enabling environments for responsible AI innovation.

  2. We support inclusive stakeholder participation in the development of international standards in standards development organizations (SDOs) to encourage interoperability across AI governance frameworks. In order to strengthen G7 collaboration on international AI technical standards, we resolve to

  3. We endeavor to promote dialogue through a G7 workshop / roundtable on interoperability between governance frameworks and on tools for trustworthy AI such as risk assessment / management frameworks, auditing, and potential certification schemes, bringing together experts and innovators from G7 members for discussion on: challenges and opportunities to the adoption of trustworthy AI systems; suggestions for support to SMEs , start-ups, and other stakeholders operating internationally; opportunities and challenges for cross- border collaboration on trustworthy AI development and deployment; and, benefits of regulatory and non-regulatory frameworks as well as international technical standards developed in SDOs and certification schemes.

  4. We welcome collaboration with international organisations and initiatives, including the OECD, GPAI and UNESCO. on the development of metrics and tools for trustworthy AI to foster interoperability across governance frameworks. We also intend to strengthen cooperation within the G7 and with all relevant stakeholders in fora such as the OECD on future policy and societal needs related to upcoming opportunities and challenges with AI, including generative AI.

  5. We seek to enhance engagement with developing and emerging economies to adopt and implement the OECD AI Principles in order to reinforce democratic values and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and we welcome collective efforts to promote interoperability between AI governance frameworks around the world, while supporting an enabling environment for AI innovation globally.

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Source: Official website of the 2023 G7 Digital and Tech Ministers Meeting, Japan

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