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G7 Digital and Tech Track Annex 3:
G7 Action Plan for Building a Secure and Resilient Digital Infrastructure

Takasaki, Gunma, April 30, 2023

See: Ministerial Declaration The G7 Digital and Tech Ministers' Meeting
Annex 1: Priorities and Operationalisation of the DFFT
Annex 2: G7 Vision for Future Networks in the Beyond 5G/6G Era
Annex 4: G7 Action Plan for Open, Free, Global, Interoperable, Reliable, and Secure Internet
Annex 5: G7 Action Plan for promoting global interoperability between tools for trustworthy AI

  1. We affirm our support for developing countries and emerging economies to build secure and resilient digital infrastructure, including capacity building on cybersecurity e.g. through cooperation and partnership with the private sector, international organisations and development agencies such as the World Bank and ITU. In particular, the Japanese G7 Presidency plans to hold an event and identify concrete areas of cooperation with the World Bank in fall 2023 to accelerate the strengthening of synergies between the G7 and the Bank.

  2. We share a desire to cooperate with other like-minded partners, including developing countries and Small Island Developing States, in strengthening trusted, multi-layered global connectivity that provides data route diversity and redundancies by ensuring secure routes of international communication infrastructure, such as transocean submarine cables to strengthen network resilience.

  3. We reiterate our commitment to the language on promoting secure and diverse digital, telecoms and ICT infrastructures in the 2021 G7 Digital and Technology Ministerial Declaration.

  4. We endeavour to enhance cooperation on research, development, and international standardisation, toward building digital infrastructure in the Beyond 5G/6G era. In that regard, we recognise the importance of measuring and monitoring the evolution of energy consumption and environmental footprint indicators through recurrent data collection and use of indicators based on known and stable methodology.

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Source: Official website of the 2023 G7 Digital and Tech Ministers Meeting, Japan

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