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The Prospective Agenda for the
2007 G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting

Laura Sunderland
Senior Researcher, G8 Research Group
May 16, 2007

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This prospective agenda for the 2007 G7/8 Foreign Ministers Meetings is compiled by the G8 Research Group from public sources as an aid to researchers and other stakeholders interested in the G8. It will be updated periodically as planning evolves and as more information becomes available about its intended and actual agenda.

G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting, May 30, 2007, Potsdam

On May 15, 2007, IPR Strategic Information Database reported that the foreign ministers agenda will be topped by Iran, the Middle East, Sudan, Kosovo and Afghanistan.[1]

On May 10, 2007, RIA Novosti reported that the foreign ministers will discuss Iran's nuclear program, Kosovo independence, the Middle East, Iran and Afghanistan.[2]

On April 28, 2007, ITAR-TASS World Service reported that the foreign ministers meeting will focus on the situation in Iran, Kosovo, the Middle East, Sudan and Afghanistan.[3] The foreign ministers will meet with their counterparts from Pakistan and Afghanistan during the second part of the day, where they are expected to "support cooperation between the two countries, first of all in the sphere of ensuring border protection, the settlement of problems of refugees and the development of the border regions, the German Foreign Ministry indicated."[4]

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