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Compliance Study: United Kingdom

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UN Reform Financial Obligations (1) - Score -1

"Conscious of the risks that the present financial crisis poses to the UN's ability to function, we are resolved to promote in parallel and as soon as possible a long-term solution based on the adoption of a more equitable scale of contributions, on scrupulous respect by Member States for their financial obligations, and on the payment of arrears."

Early on, Britain supported the United States' position that starving the UN of funds was the best strategy to force reform. However, Britain has recently stated its desire to work with the new UNSG Mr. Kofi Annan to help the UN through its internal reforms aimed at streamlining some the bureaucracy that plagues its operations and towards creating an effective institution for global governance. Britain believes that other countries (such as Japan and Germany) which have global interests, and which make a significant contribution to international peace and security and to UN operations, should be invited to accept the responsibilities of permanent membership.

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