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Compliance Study: United Kingdom

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Terrorism - Score: 0

"We rededicate ourselves and invite others to associate our efforts in order to thwart the activities of terrorists and their supporters, including fund-raising, the planning of terrorist acts, procurement of weapons, calling for violence, and incitement to commit terrorist acts."

The new British Government maintains the long-standing position that there be an IRA cease-fire before Sinn Fein can participate in multi-party talks about the future of Northern Ireland.

An agreement was made by officials of Great Britain and Russia on January 29, 1997 to sign a Memorandum of Understanding regarding organized crime. This was to be followed up by more detailed agreements defining practical action to tackle drug trafficking, organized crime and international terrorism.

On November 19, 1996 the UK announced it had established an inter-departmental committee to examine the UK's procedures in relation to arms trafficking, and to determine whether there had been a gap in controls, and if so what action needed to be taken. This followed media reports linking British companies to the supply of arms to Rwandan extremists in Zaire. The report that an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of primary legislation to prohibit arms trafficking should be conducted as part of the current review of strategic export controls following the Scott Report. The Government endorsed the Committee's report and has stated that it will implement its recommendations.

At the Ministerial Meeting on Terrorism held in Paris on July 30, 1996, the British Government committed to strengthen counterterrorism cooperation by improving security procedures, prosecuting and punishing terrorists, tightening border controls, expanding international treaties outlawing terrorism, and preventing terrorists' fundraising.

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