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2002 G8 Pre-Summit

Sustaining Global Growth: Prosperity, Security and Development Challenges for the Kananaskis G8

22 June, 2002
University of Calgary, Calgary

Hosted by the University of Calgary, the Guido Carli Association, the G8 Research Group and the Research Group on Global Financial Governance
with the support of the G8 Summit Policy Office of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.


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Nicholas Bayne, London School of Economics and Political Science. "The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NePAD) and the G8's Africa Action Plan: Is This a Marshall Plan for Africa?" [PDF]
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Allan Crawford, Bank of Canada
"Productivity Growth: Past Trends and Future Propsects in Canada" [PDF]

Takashi Kiuchi, Shinsei Bank Ltd. "Evaluating Koizumi's Reform and Its Implication for the Global Economy". [PDF]
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Professor John Kirton, Director, G8 Research Group, University of Toronto, and Dr. Ella Kokotsis, Director of Analytical Studies, G8 Research Group. "The G8 from Genoa to Kananaskis and Beyond: Performance, Prospects, and Potential".

Ivan Mbirimi, Commonwealth Secretariat. "Designing for Development in Sub-Saharan Africa". [PDF]
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Alan M. Rugman, Indiana University, and Alain Verbeke, University of Calgary. "The World Trade Organization, Multinational Enterprises, and the Civil Society". [PDF]
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Paolo Savona, Luiss Guido Carli University, and Chiara Oldani, Luiss Guido Carli University. "Globalization: Private Sector Perspectives". [PDF]

Uda, Shinichiro. LSE International Social Economic Forum in Japan, and Institute for the Promotion of Policy Reform
"Sustainable Growth in the World and the Recovery of the Japanese Economy". [PDF]

von Furstenberg, George M. and Jianjun Wei. "The Chinese Crux of Monetary Union in East Asia." [PDF]
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