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Chairman's Statement on AIDS

Venice, June 10, 1987

On the basis of the concern already shown in the past for health problems (London Chairman's oral statement on cancer and Bonn Chairman's oral statement on drugs), the Heads of State or Government and the representatives of the European Community affirm that AIDS [acquired immune deficiency syndrome] is one of the biggest potential health problems in the world. National efforts need to be intensified and made more effective by international cooperation and concerted campaigns to prevent AIDS from spreading further, and will have to ensure that the measures taken are in accordance with the principles of human rights. In this connection, they agree that:

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Source: U.S., Department of State, Bulletin, No. 2125 (August 1987): 10-11; Canada, Department of External Affairs, Economic Summits, 1975-1987: Declarations (Ottawa, 198-): Tab 36 [unpublished]; Canada, Department of External Affairs, Toronto Economic Summit, June 19-21, 1988 (Ottawa, 1988), p. 51.

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