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Readout of G7 leaders' call: 16 April 2020

London, April 16, 2020

This afternoon the First Secretary of State Dominic Raab represented the UK in a virtual summit of G7 leaders to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.

All leaders expressed their best wishes for the Prime Minister's recovery and welcomed the cooperation that has already taken place between G7 countries.

They agreed that the rapid development and production of coronavirus treatments and a vaccine will be crucial to stop the spread of the virus around the world. The First Secretary of State stressed the need for the response to be internationally coordinated.

Leaders discussed the particular risk coronavirus poses to developing nations and agreed on the need to fight coronavirus in every country. They committed to continue to support developing countries through bilateral assistance, multinational organisations and by ensuring governments around the world have access to the medical supplies they need.

G7 leaders also agreed on the importance of financial measures to defend the global economy against the impact of coronavirus. The First Secretary of State welcomed the efforts that have been made to coordinate economic responses, including agreements on debt relief earlier this week, and urged all countries to support long-term economic recovery.

Source: 10 Downing Street

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