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Text version: Panel A: Congestion in the two most congested city in each G7 country

This bar chart shows per cent increase in morning peak travel times versus free flow in the two most congested cities in each of the G7 countries. This increase is highest in Rome (74 per cent), Manchester (68 per cent) and Paris (68 per cent) and lowest in Cologne (52 per cent), Munich (51 per cent) and Toronto (50 per cent). In Vancouver (54 per cent) and London (64 per cent), a 10 per cent increase in morning peak travel times versus free flow is equivalent to 45 hours per hear wasted in traffic.

City 2016
Toronto 50
Munich 51
Cologne 52
Vancouver 54
Honolulu 56
Milan 61
Marseille 62
Los Angeles 62
London 64
Paris 68
Manchester 68
Rome 74

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Source: The Official Website of the 2018 Canadian Presidency of the G7

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