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Text version: Poverty rates, 2015 (or the latest year)

This chart shows child poverty ranges from 9.5 per cent in Germany to 11 per cent in the UK and France; from 16 per cent in Japan to 17 per cent in Canada; and from 19 per cent in Italy to 20 per cent in the USA. The rates of overall poverty match or closely resemble the rates of child poverty in Germany (9.5 per cent), the UK (11 per cent), and Japan (16 per cent). The rate of overall poverty is lower than the rate of child poverty in France (8 per cent versus 11 per cent), Canada (14 per cent versus 17 per cent), Italy (13 per cent versus 19 per cent) and the USA (17 per cent versus 20 per cent).

G7 country 2016
Italy 73.0
Japan 81.3
United States 86.1
Great Britain 88.7
France 89.5
Germany 90.6
Canada 92.5


G7 country Gender gaps reduce by 50%
Canada 3.5
France 4.7
United States 5.0
Great Britain 5.2
Germany 5.6
Japan 9.5
Italy 11.3

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Source: The Official Website of the 2018 Canadian Presidency of the G7

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