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Chair's Summary of the G8-Africa Session
at the G8 L'Aquila Summit
L'Aquila Summit, July 10, 2009

The African leaders associate themselves to this statement.

  1. The Heads of State and Government of G8 countries, the President of the European Commission, the Heads of State and Government of Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa as well as Angola, the Chair of the African Union (the Leader of Libya), the President of the African Union Commission, the Chair of the Heads of State and Government Implementation Committee of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) (the Prime Minister of Ethiopia) met in L’Aquila on 10th of July 2009, during the segment on Africa of the G8 Summit.

  2. Recalling the mutual commitments undertaken in the framework of their partnership, they welcomed the strengthening of the G8-Africa dialogue in support of common principles, objectives and priorities, in particular those established through the NEPAD, and in line with the decisions and orientations adopted in previous G8 Summits. They welcomed the conclusions of the XII Africa Partnership Forum (APF) and the proposal for its reform.

  3. The G8 and African partners agreed on the importance of continuing to reinforce their partnership, based on mutual accountability and respect, for the common good. In this spirit, they examined the issues on the agenda of their meeting, which are of particular relevance to Africa because of the current international context. Leaders:

  4. The G8 and African partners, responding to the reciprocal call for improving joint work on water and sanitation made at the G8 and AU Summits in 2008, issued for the first time a joint statement expressing their determination to build a stronger partnership to support national plans to improve access to water and sanitation in Africa.

  5. Finally, the G8 and African partners, concerned by long-standing underinvestment in agriculture and food security, price trends and the economic crisis, acknowledged the importance of issuing with other countries present in L’Aquila a joint statement on global food security and of supporting the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

Source: Official Italian G8 website

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