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Fact Sheet:
G8 Action Plan: Expanding Global Capability for Peace Support Operations

June 10, 2004

Presidential Action

President Bush and the other G8 Leaders endorsed today an action plan to expand global peacekeeping capability, with a particular focus on Africa, to bring stability and security to troubled regions.

G8 Action: The number of peace support operations throughout the world continues to grow, but there is a lack of well-trained and equipped units able to respond to these increased demands. Therefore, the G8 Leaders adopted today an Action Plan on Expanding Global Capability for Peace Support Operations that commits the G8 to:

U.S. Leadership: President Bush has proposed a program that would provide approximately $660 million over the next five years to increase U.S. funding for peace support operations, including those established under this initiative.

Current U.S. training programs to enhance peacekeeping capacities around the world include:

For the complete G8 Action Plan on this issue, please click here.

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Source: Official G8 Sea Island site

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