Decisions Concerning Bosnia and Herzogovina

Lyon, France, 29 June 1996

• Opening statement
• Elections and Institutions
• International War Crimes Tribunal
• Consolidation Plan
• Reconstruction
• Refugees and the rule of law
• Regional and Security Issues
• Final Statement

We confirm our support for the Peace Agreement and the establishment of a democratic and pluralistic State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, composed of two Entities.

The prime responsibility for implementing the Peace Agreement lies with the different communities and their leaders. Without compliance and active participation in rebuilding a civil society, they cannot expect that the international community and major donor countries shoulder the main burden of the implementation and reconstruction effort.

Endorsing the conclusions adopted at the Peace Implementation Conference in Florence, we have taken the following decisions:

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1. Elections and Institutions

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2. International War Crimes Tribunal

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3. Consolidation Plan

- Noting France's proposal for a 2-year plan of consolidation of the peace process, we endorse the request made by the Peace Implementation Council in Florence on the 14th of June for its Steering Board to elaborate an action agenda stating the aims, the means and the timeframe of this plan for civilian consolidation.

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4. Reconstruction

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5. Refugees and the rule of law

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6. Regional and Security Issues

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7. These decisions should be implemented within the framework of the structures put in place by the Peace Agreement.

Source: Released at the Lyon G7 Summit, June 29, 1996.

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