Naples, 8-10 July 1994 -- G7 Summit

Towards the Meeting of Boris Yeltsin, President of the
Russian Federation, with the Leaders of the G-7

Naples, Italy July, 1994

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The G-7, which unites the largest Western nations (Great Britain, Italy, Canada, the United States, Germany, France and Japan), holds its annual summits with a view to discussing topical economic and political issues, working out agreed-upon anti-crisis decisions and defining ways of overcoming mutual contradictions.

The first G-7 summit was held November 1975 in Rambouillet, France, on the latter's initiative and was attended by the leaders of six nations. The Canadian Prime-Minister has been included on summit lists since 1976, while an EEC representative has attended G-7 summits since 1977.

As a rule, the discussion centres around the following issues the state of the economy and its prospects, problems pertaining to the settlement of international-trade issues, currency problems and East- West relationships. International political issues have been playing a more and more important role in the G-7's activities since the early 1980s (on a par with coordination of economic policies).

The G-7 held its summits in:

1. 1975 Rambouillet (France)
2. 1976 Puerto Rico (USA)
3. 1977 London (UK)
4. 1978 Bonn (West Germany)
5. 1979 Tokyo (Japan)
6. 1980 Venice (Italy)
7. 1981 Ottawa (Canada)
8. 1982 Versailles (France)
9. 1983 Williamsburg (USA)
10. 1984 London (UK)
11. 1985 Bonn (West Germany)
12. 1986 Tokyo (Japan)
13. 1987 Venice (Italy)
14. 1988 Toronto (Canada)
15. 1989 Paris (France)
16. 1990 Houston (USA)
17. 1991 London (UK)
18. 1992 Munich (Germany)
19. 1993 Tokyo (Japan)
20. The 1994 G-7 summit will be held in Naples, Italy.

Source: Russian Information Agency "Novosti"

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