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G7 Delegations

July 14-16, 1989, Paris


  • Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister
  • Joe Clark, Secretary of State for External Affairs
  • Michael H. Wilson, Minister of Finance
  • James H. Taylor, Personal Representative (Sherpa)


  • François Mitterrand, President
  • Roland Dumas, Minister of State, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Pierre Bérégovoy, Minister of State, Minister of the Economy, Finance and the Budget
  • Jacques Attali, Personal Representative (Sherpa)

    Germany (Federal Republic)

  • Helmut Kohl, Federal Chancellor
  • Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Helmut Haussmann, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs
  • Theo Waigel, Federal Minister of Finance
  • Hans Tietmeyer, Personal Representative (Sherpa)


  • Ciriaco de Mita, President of the Council of Ministers
  • Giulio Andreotti, Minister of External Affairs
  • Giuliano Amato, Minister of the Treasury
  • Umberto Vattani, Personal Representative (Sherpa)


  • Sousuke Uno, Prime Minister
  • Hiroshi Mitzuzuka, Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Tatsuo Murayama, Minister of Finance
  • Seiroku Kajiyama, Minister of International Trade and Industry
  • Michihiko Kunihiro, Personal Representative (Sherpa)

    United Kingdom

  • Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister
  • Geoffrey Howe, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Nigel Lawson, Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Nigel Wicks, Personal Representative (Sherpa)

    United States

  • George Bush, President
  • James A. Baker, Secretary of State
  • Nicholas J. Brady, Secretary of the Treasury
  • Richard T. McCormack, Personal Representative (Sherpa)

    European Communities

  • Jacques Delors, President of the Commission
  • Frans Andriessen, Vice-President, External Relations
  • Honning Christophersen, Vice-President, Economic and Financial Affairs
  • Pascal Lamy, Personal Representative (Sherpa)
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