[G7 Summit -- Tokyo, June 28-29, 1979]

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"The Heads of State and Government expressed their pleasure with the broad support expressed by other States for the Declaration on Hijacking made at the Bonn Summit in July 1978. They noted that procedures for the prompt implementation of the Declaration have been agreed upon and that to date enforcement measures under the Declaration have not been necessary.

"They also noted with satisfaction the widespread adherence to the conventions dealing with unlawful interference with international civil aviation. The extensive support for these conventions and the Bonn Declaration on Hijacking reflects the acceptance by the international community as a whole of the principles expressed therein."

This is the statement.

Also, in the present Summit, we have adopted a special statement on the question of refugees from Indochina, which is another major fruit [sic]. Japan itself feels we must make our utmost contribution to the solution of this problem, and I would like to see that the statement be transmitted to other various countries and various international organizations and invite their further participation in international efforts on this question. This has been an unprecedentedly important international event, but this Tokyo Summit has now come to its safe and successful conclusion, and next year we have unanimously agreed to meet again in Italy. We look forward to our reunion in Italy.

And I would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the people, both within and without Japan, who have supported this meeting.

Because we have taken unexpected, unprecedentedly elaborate security measures in connection with the convening of this Summit -- and I know we have dealt inconveniences with many people, but because of their cooperation we have been able to successfully carry this conference. I thank all of these people concerned.

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