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The International Monetary Fund

Ved Gandhi

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Annex 3

The IMF should [CONTINUE TO] focus on shortterm economic stabilization, liquidity provision, and securing properly aligned exchange rates. In doing so, the IMF should help to establish stable and sustainable macroeconomic and balance of payments conditions that do not lead to unacceptable social and environmental costs, and that [HELP] promote the objectives of sustainable development.

The IMF should assist countries in getting the [ECONOMIC] fundamentals right, including the ecological fundamentals. [AND WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF THE WORLD BANK AS WELL AS WITH THE AGREEMENT OF THE COUNTRY AUTHORITIES, HELP MAINTAIN THE ECOLOGICAL BALANCE.]

The IMF should ensure [ENCOURAGE] that countries [DO NOT] are not forced to overexploit natural resources and especially unique ecological capital, to meet foreign exchange requirements and debt payments. Longterm development and global prosperity depends upon protecting and increasing these stocks of natural resources.

IMFinspired tax and revenue, policies and the effects of IMFsupported adjustment efforts through subsidies, and pricing policies should be systematically examined to determine [MINIMIZE] their effects on the environment and social wellbeing of adjusted countries.

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