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Okinawa Academic Symposium G8 2000

The Okinawa Summit: Prospects and Potential

19 - 20 July, 2000
University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa

Sir Nicholas Bayne
"The G8's Past Performance, Present Prospects, Future Potential"

Sebastièn Dalliare
"Developmental Ideas in the Group of Seven and the International Monetary Fund: A Change in Consensus?"

Professor Takayoshi Egami
"The G8 Summit and Okinawa" [PDF]

George M. von Furstenberg
"What Insights Have Surfaced in the G7/IMF Going Forward from Cologne to the Okinawa Summit? "

Peter I. Hajnal
"Partners Or Adversaries? The G7/G8 Encounters Civil Society"

Kunihiko Ito, the University of Tokushima, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences
"Japan, the Asian Economy, the International Financial System and the G8 : A Critical Perspective"
English Summary
Japanese [Word]

Christine Lucyk and John Kirton
"Safeguarding Environmental Values and Social cohesion under Trade Liberalization: Global Governance, G8 Principles and Local Indicators"

Michele Mastroeni
"Squandering Cooperation: Jumping On The E-Commerce Bandwagon"

Gina Stephens
"The Roots of the New Consensus: The United States and the Transformation of the G8 System"

Professor Junichi Takase
"The Changing G8 Summit and Japanese International Policy"

Shinichiro Uda
"Globalization and the Role of the Summits"

Heidi Ullrich
"Stimulating Trade Liberalization After Seattle: G7/8 Leadership in Global Governance"

Professor George Von Furstenberg
"Two-Way IT Mirrors: Terrorists Can Look In"

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