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NATO London Summit Declaration Commitments

Janakan Muthukumar, NATO Research Group
January 30, 2020

The NATO Research Group identified the following 43 commitments in the declaration issued by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in London on December 4, 2019. The full declaration is available here.

2019-1: NATO guarantees the security of the North Atlantic territory and the one billion citizens, our freedom, and the values that it shares, including democracy, individual liberty, human rights, and the rule of law.

2019-2: NATO assures that solidarity, unity, and cohesion are cornerstone principles of the Alliance.

2019-3: NATO assures that the member states have been working together to prevent conflict and preserve peace, and it remains the foundation for the collective defence and the essential forum for security consultations and decisions among Allies.

2019-4: NATO reaffirms the enduring transatlantic bond between Europe and North America,

2019-5: NATO assures its adherence to the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter

2019-6: NATO guarantees its solemn commitment as enshrined in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty that an attack against one Ally shall be considered an attack against us all.

2019-7: NATO is determined to share the costs and responsibilities of our indivisible security.

2019-8: NATO declares that through the Defence Investment Pledge, it is increasing the defence investment in line with its 2% and 20% guidelines,

2019-9: NATO is also investing in new capabilities and contributing more forces to missions and operations.

2019-10: NATO declares that non-US defence expenditure has grown for five consecutive years; over 130 billion US dollars more is being invested in defence.

2019-11: NATO declares that in line with the commitment as enshrined in Article 3 of the Washington Treaty, NATO continues to strengthen the individual and collective capacity to resist all forms of attack.

2019-12: NATO recognizes the distinct threats and challenges emanating from all strategic directions.

2019-12-1: Russia's aggressive actions constitute a threat to Euro-Atlantic security

2019-12-2: Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations remains a persistent threat to all.

2019-12-3: State and non-state actors challenge the rules-based international order.

2019-12-4: Instability beyond the borders is also contributing to irregular migration.

2019-12-3: NATO faces cyber and hybrid threats.

2019-13: NATO declares that it is a defensive Alliance and poses no threat to any country.

2019-14: NATO reports that it is adapting our military capabilities, strategy, and plans across the Alliance in line with the 360-degree approach to security.

2019-15: NATO declares that it has taken decisions to improve the readiness of our forces to respond to any threat, at any time, from any direction.

2019-16: NATO declares that the member states stand firm in our commitment to the fight against terrorism and are taking stronger action together to defeat it.

2019-17: NATO assures that it is addressing and will continue to address in a measured and responsible way Russia's deployment of new intermediate-range missiles, which pose significant risks to Euro-Atlantic security.

2019-18: NATO member states are increasing action to protect the freedoms at sea and in the air.

2019-19: NATO is further strengthening its ability to deter and defend with an appropriate mix of nuclear, conventional, and missile defence capabilities, which NATO continues to adapt.

2019-20: NATO declares that as long as nuclear weapons exist, it will remain a nuclear alliance.

2019-21: NATO is fully committed to the preservation and strengthening of effective arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation, taking into account the prevailing security environment.

2019-22: NATO declares that the allies are strongly committed to full implementation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in all its aspects, including nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

2019-23: NATO also declares that it remains open for dialogue, and to a constructive relationship with Russia when Russia's actions make that possible.

2019-24: NATO assures that it works to increase security for all.

2019-25: NATO declares that it has strengthened partnerships in our neighbourhood and beyond, deepening political dialogue, support, and engagement with partner countries and international organizations.

2019-26: NATO reaffirms its commitment to long-term security and stability in Afghanistan.

2019-27: NATO declares that it is increasing our cooperation with the United Nations

2019-28: NATO also comments that there is unprecedented progress in NATO-EU cooperation.

2019-29: NATO is committed to NATO's Open Door policy, which strengthens the Alliance and has brought security to millions of Europeans.

2019-30: NATO acknowledges the presence of North Macedonia during the summit, and confirms that North Macedonia will soon be the newest Ally.

2019-31: NATO is committed to the success of all our operations and missions.

2019-32: NATO pays tribute to all the men and women who have served for NATO, and honour all those who have sacrificed their lives to keep us safe.

2019-33: NATO is addressing the breadth and scale of new technologies to maintain the technological edge while preserving its values and norms.

2019-34: NATO will continue to increase the resilience of our societies, as well as of our critical infrastructure and our energy security.

2019-35: NATO and Allies, within their respective authority, are committed to ensuring the security of our communications, including 5G, recognizing the need to rely on secure and resilient systems.

2019-36: NATO has declared space an operational domain for NATO, recognizing its importance in keeping us safe and tackling security challenges, while upholding international law.

2019-37: NATO is increasing our tools to respond to cyber-attacks, and strengthening the ability to prepare for, deter, and defend against hybrid tactics that seek to undermine the security and societies.

2019-38: NATO is stepping up NATO's role in human security.

2019-39: NATO recognizes that China's growing influence and international policies present both opportunities and challenges that we need to address together as an Alliance.

2019-40: NATO invites the Secretary-General to present to Foreign Ministers a Council-agreed proposal for a forward-looking reflection process under his auspices, drawing on relevant expertise, to further strengthen NATO's political dimension including consultation.

2019-41: NATO expresses its appreciation for the generous hospitality extended by the United Kingdom.

2019-42: NATO is committed to meet again in 2021.

2019-43: NATO declares today (December 4, 2019) that it acts to ensure that NATO guarantees those freedoms, values, and security for generations to come.

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