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University of Toronto

G8 Governance

G8 Research Group, Professional Advisory Council

Professor Jonathan Aronson
Director, School of International Relations
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, USA

Sir Nicolas Bayne, K.C.M.G,
Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee,
British Invisibles
London, United Kingdom

Robert Fauver,
National Intelligence Officer for Economics,
National Intelligence Council
Washington, D.C., United States

Allan Gotlieb
Stikeman Elliot,
Toronto, Canada

David D. Hale
Global Chief Economist
Zurich Insurance Group
Chicago, United States

Professor Michael Hodges,
Director, Centre for Research on the USA,
London School of Economics and Political Science
London, United Kingdom

Robert Hormats
Vice Chairman
Goldman Sachs International
New York, United States

Pierre Marc Johnson,
Heenan Blaikie,
Montreal, Canada

Professor Alan Rugman,
Thames Water Fellow of Strategic Management
Templeton College, University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom

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