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Finance Ministers' Meetings

Announcement by G-5 Ministers and Governors

January 17, 1985

The Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors of France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States announced today that they had met to discuss a range of international economic and financial issues. The meeting, part of a regular series of consultations among these countries on economic and financial matters of mutual interest also involved IMF Managing Director de Larosiere for a discussion of the economic policies and prospects of the major industrial countries.

The Ministers and Governors, noting the recent developments in the exchange markets, expressed their commitment to work toward greater exchange market stability. Toward this end, the Ministers and Governors:

The Ministers and Governors believe that this approach will provide a solid framework for sustaining recovery, reducing inflation, increasing employment, and achieving greater exchange rate stability.

Source: Funabashi, Yoichi. Managing the Dollar: From the Plaza to the LouvreWashington, D. C.: Institute for International Economics, 1988. Institute for International Economics. Reproduced by permission of the Institute for International Economics.

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