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Analytical Studies

Background on Compliance Assessments

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A Request for Contributions

The University of Toronto G8 Research Group's compliance study remains a work in progress. Having set the parameters for the study, we have now begun to assess the compliance records of G7 members with the major commitments we identified in the Lyon communiqué. Shortly we will add compliance studies of G7 members, beginning with the United States and Canada, with others to follow. The studies will incorporate the compliance scores that we accorded G7 members for their ability/inability to comply with the commitments they made at the 1996 Lyon Summit. We invite comments and suggestions on any aspect of the work that we have presented thus far. We seek assistance regarding; whether or not the most significant commitments contained in the 1996 Lyon communiqué were selected; how our definitions and methodology regarding commitments and compliance can be strengthened; and information about how each national government has or has not complied with each of the 19 major commitments of Lyon over the past year.

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