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G7 Governance of
Gender Equality and Women's Entrepreneurship

Julia Kulik, Director of Research, G7 Research Group
Prepared for Innovation, Entrepreneur and the Future High Level Roundtable Discussion, February 25, 2020, Ottawa, Canada

References to gender equality in G7 summit communiqués

G7 Communiqué References to Gender Equality 2000–2019

G7 actionable commitments to achieve gender equality

G7 Commitments on Gender Equality 2000–2019

G7 compliance with commitments to achieve gender equality

At the 2017 summit in Taormina, Italy, G7 members committed to: "take sustainable measures at the appropriate level to provide training, mentoring and networking opportunities that specifically address the capacity-building needs of women entrepreneurs by 2020."

G7 Compliance with Gender Equality Commitments

The following are a selection of actions taken by G7 members during the compliance period of 27 May 2017 to 7 June 2018[1]:






United Kingdom:

United States:

European Union:


[1] Compliance assessed by Isabel Davis, G7 Research Group, February 2020.

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