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Analytical Studies

2005 Gleneagles Final Compliance Report

Professor John Kirton, Dr. Ella Kokotsis,
Vanessa Corlazzoli, Mike Varey, Aaron Raths, Laura Sunderland
and the G8 Research Group

June 12, 2006

The 2005 Gleneagles Interim Final Report, which reviews progress made on selected commitments set out at the 2005 Gleneagles Summit, is now available.

Download the full 2005 Gleneagles Final Compliance Report (PDF, 255 pages), or download a section:
Executive Summary
Introduction, with summary tables
Good Governance
Health: HIV/AIDS
Health: Polio Eradication
Official Development Assistance
Debt Relief: Africa
Promoting Growth: Africa
Education: Africa
Trade: Africa
Trade: Market Access and Export Subsidies
Trade: Least Developed Countries
Middle East Reform
Debt Relief: Iraq
Transnational Crime
Renewable Energy
Climate Change
Surface Transportation
• Appendices
- Gleneagles Priority Commitments
- Interpretive Standards for Middle East Reform
- Sponsors

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