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From Köln 1999 to Okinawa 2000

Country Performance Assessment

Italy: Score B

The Italians did not come in with many ambitious objectives. However, of the three declared earlier, commendable work or achievements was made on the first by the Italians - they personally surpassed the HIPC debt forgiveness initiative being considered by the other g7. However, one could also argue that this was not quite so successful a summit for the Italians because their initiatives were not followed so much.

In other areas, there is no real evidence that the Italians push for results, Amato having expressed that in some areas, especially development, that they could have gone further (the g7).

Objective (determined by interpretation of newspaper articles and website media rather than explicitly stated objectives):

Establish a more ambitious debt initiative than the World Bank or IMF`s HIPC initiative which would qualify more countries and impose qualifying conditions for developing countries.

The HIPC initiative does not truly give any indication of being enhanced, though commitments to forgive 100% debt of ODA and newly commit to 100% debt reduction of eligible commercial claims.

Report compiled by: Michele Mastroeni

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