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From Köln 1999 to Okinawa 2000
Country Report


~ Country Objectives ~

The objectives for Canada at this year's summit (listed in importance of importance) are as follows:

  1. To seek greater commitment from the other G8 countries to fulfill the previous commitments to debt relief in developing countries and to urge that failure to do so will only further the so-called 'digital divide'. Although Canada brings to the table some creditbility in this subject, the hindrence to this objective is the dismal performance of the G8 countries to fulfill last year's commitment to reduce almost $70 billion in debt owed by the 40 poorest countries.

  2. To urge an increase in the U.N.'s $350 million budget to fight HIV/AIDs and other infectious diseases, especially to do so. The fact that Japan and Canada have already initiated new funding initiatives to this issue increase the success of Canada to see this issue addressed.

  3. To enter into a free trade agreement with Japan. As both sides have been in discussions regarding the issue for the last several weeks, and both seem amiable to the prospect, the opportunity for success in this objective seems high.

  4. To further the development of the New World Economy and to emphasize the need for developed global standards in the financial institutions, Canada will seek from its counterparts a G8 statement outlining the optimal objectives in financial reform, and a commitment from the other G8 countries to adhere to the same guidelines. Although Canada has enjoyed a successful year as chair of the newly formed G20 Group, the likelyhood of this objective being fulfilled is slim, as the United States is unlikely to agree to such measures.

  5. To seek to further the fight to ensure Human Security as a right for all. Canada has a long standing history of its commitment to this issue and has a good track record on its activitism in regards to it. Canada has continually been a strong leader in the fight against crimes against humanity, and will push the other countries to follow its lead.

Report by Colleen McShane

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