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Country Performance Assessments for the
1999 Köln G8 Summit

(including justification of scores)

United Kingdom

Based on our pre-summit report on the United Kingdom's objectives for the 1999 Cologne G8 Summit, we give them the following grades:


Employment issues were covered within three of the major sections of the Final Communique.
  1. In order to maintain a strong economic base necessary for supporting increased employment, the leaders renewed their commitment to follow appropriate macroeconomic policies.

  2. Under a separate section on designing policies for employment, the Heads of State and Government re-emphasized the urgent need to lower the continuing high unemployment which exists within most of the G8 countries. They focused on a two-tiered approach stressing structural reform and macroeconomic policies to obtain stability and growth.

  3. Increased investment in developing the appropriate skills for today's changing employment market was supported in the Cologne Charter for Lifelong Learning. This document calls on governments, the private sector and individuals to renew their commitment to investing in people, particularly through greater access to education. During the his press briefing, Prime Minister Tony Blair indicated that he fully supported this charter and expressed his commitment to it.
UK grade on employment: A


Environmental issues covered included support of having environmental considerations be discussed within the new WTO multilateral trade negotiations scheduled to begin later this year.

The leaders agreed to pursue the implementation of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action regarding climate control with aims of an early entry of the Kyoto Protocol.

On the issue of greenhouse emissions, no specific figures for their reduction were given.

UK grade on environment: B-


Prime Minister Tony Blair has been one of the strongest supporters of resolving the situation in Kosovo. He expressed firm support for the agreements offering humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance to the Kosovan refugees.

UK grade on Kosovo: A+

Overall UK Cologne G8 Summit grade: A

Report by Heidi Ullrich

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