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Compliance Study: United States

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"Conscious of the risks that the present financial crisis poses to the UN's ability to function, we are resolved to promote in parallel and as soon as possible a long-term solution based on the adoption of a more equitable scale of contributions, on scru

Facts & Analysis:
U.S. Funding of the United Nations System

In fiscal year (FY) 1996, U.S. appropriations for the entire UN system-for assessments, voluntary programs, and in-kind (mainly food commodities)-amounted to slightly more than one-tenth of 1% of the $1.6 trillion federal budget. U.S. assessments for the

Beyond budgetary contributions to the UN system, the U.S. and many American military allies incur substantial additional expenses owing to U.S. military operations that are complementing UN peacekeeping operations. These costs were estimated at $1.5 billi

The United States was able to secure the appointment of a new General-Secretary which was viewed as essential for any agreement on American repayment of arrears.

Holding the Line

The U.S. has been using its influence throughout the UN system to contain the size of bureaucracies. Some parts of the UN system are staffed beyond reasonable needs. The U.S. is looking for a 10-15% reduction in overall staff over the medium term. In alm

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