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Compliance Study: United States

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"We call upon all States to spare no effort in securing a global ban on the scourge represented by the proliferation and the indiscriminate use of anti-personnel landmines and welcome the moratoria and bans already adopted by a number of countries

Facts & Analysis:
The US supports the global treaty banning anti-personnel land mines at the Geneva conference on disarmament in January 1997. "The United States will seek to initiate negotiations on a worldwide treaty banning the use, production, stockpiling and transfer

(Of course, the policy is not as encompassing as the Canadian one, which calls for the immediate banning of all mines the US believes that new land mines are still useful in the border between North and South Korea. Of course, the G7 commitment solely

President Clinton also announced a measure to limit the US military inventory of land mines at the current level of seven million. However, this does not mean that the US promises not to produce land mines in the future; old ones would be replaced by new

In short, the US is on its way in fulfilling the commitment but more favorable actions are needed.

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