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Compliance Study: United States

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"We reaffirm our determination to enforce full implementation of all UN Security Council resolutions concerning Iraq and Libya only full compliance with which could result in the lifting of all sanctions."

Grade: +1

Facts & Analysis:
1. The military is mobilized to ensure that Iraq would comply with security council resolutions. For example:

2. However, the US did not react militarily to Saddam Hussein's sending of aircrafts to the No-Fly Zone in April this year to pick up pilgrims in the area. On the other hand, this is probably due to the UN's unwillingness to condemn the violation of the

3. At any rate, the US has also called upon the international community to help enforce the UN Security Council Resolutions pertaining to Iraq. The Press Statement by the Department of State Acting Spokesman Glyn Davies on Sep 12, 1996 states that "The i

4. Referring to the UN's continuous sanctions against Libya for the its failure to comply with UNSCR 731 on bombings of Pan Am 103 & UTA 772, Robert Pelletreau -- at the time Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs – stated on Sep 25, 96:

5. As well, the President signed the Iran & Libya Sanctions Act 1996 on August 5, 1996.

6. Recently, the US condemned Gadhafi's trip to Nigeria and his stopover in Niger along the way, accusing the Libyan leader of violating UN sanctions. The state department is investigating into the incident.

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