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Compliance Study: United States

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"We will take care to ensure that women as well as men benefit fully and equally from the recognition of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are reiterated on the occasion of the Beijing Conference, and that the rights of children be r

Facts & Analysis:
Women Rights (0)
The President's Interagency Council on Women has created programs to promote women rights within in the US such as the National Conference on Women and Girls via Satellite (Sep 28, 1996) and the National Action Agenda, an idea from the Platform for Acti

Children rights (+1)
The US was a strong advocate for the World Trade Organization to adopt regulations against child labor at the ministerial meeting in Singapore in December 1996. It called for international child labor laws.

President Clinton has just sanctioned an apparel-industry code, which include an independent watch-dog to monitor conditions in overseas factories used by US companies. This would regulate the use of child labor overseas, at least by US companies.

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