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Compliance Study: United Kingdom

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European Conflict (Bosnia- Herzegovina) - Score: +1

"We support the High Representative in his work of preparation with the Parties of the establishment of the new institutions: the collective Presidency, the Council of Ministers, the Parliament, the Constitutional Court and the Central Bank. We shall provide the future authorities with the necessary constitutional and legal assistance."

In an interview on May 30, 1997, Foreign Secretariat, Mr. Robin Cook made several statements regarding issues raised in a communiqué to the three Presidents of Bosnia. Among them:

In a March 25, 1997 speech by Baroness Chalker, Minister for Overseas Development, the British Government's interests and motives vis--vis Bosnia were discussed. According to Baroness Chalker, the sole British interest in Bosnia is for it to succeed. "Bosnia must be a pluralistic, market-based, open society. It must be a democracy and it must be a just society, at peace with itself and at peace with its neighbours. The Baroness went on to detail the British role in reconstruction which continues to include various forms of humanitarian aid, infrastructure development, and efforts to reinforce the political process. All of these efforts are aimed at establishing a peaceful and prosperous economic and political climate for the Bosnian region: "All we can do is set the context within which the values of the civil society should start to take root."

After the United States and the EU as a whole, Britain is the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the former Yugoslavia. The British aid program is designed to bring in food and medical relief, to repair infrastructure and to restore utilities. Additionally, Britain also funds many NGOs and charities active in Bosnia.

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