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Compliance Study: Germany

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"We reaffirm our determination to enforce full implementation of all UN Security Council resolutions concerning Iraq and Libya, only full compliance with which could result in the lifting of all sanctions."

Overall Grade:+1


In support of the Middle-east peace process, Germany has allocated DM 710 million in aid. 3 September 1996: The German government condemns Iraq's military actions and therefore, fully condones the actions taken by the United States against Iraq. Germany recognizes the need for a peaceful solution to the political unrest in Iraq.

No new United Nations Resolutions concerning Iraq have been introduced since 1994 Concerning Libya, the United Nations Security Council, of which Germany is a member, has adopted Resolution 1073 (30 August 1996), Resolution 1083 (27 November 1996) and resolution 1100 (27 March 1997).

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