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Compliance Study: Germany

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"UNCTAD IX was a major milestone in the renewal of UNCTAD. In close partnership with the other Member States, we succeeded in reforming UNTAD's intergovernmental machinery and in refocusing its work on a small number of priorities to promote development through trade and investment with the aim of facilitating the integration of developing countries in the international trade system. We are committed to the implementation of these reforms."

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The Reconstruction Bank is the Federal Government's development bank for investment funding as well as for the funding of German exports for financial co-procedure with developing countries. Due to the "growing in inter-involvement of the international economy, Third World countries are gaining in importance for Germany".
1995 - The Reconstruction Bank pledged a total of DM 5.2 billion in easy-interest loans and grants to more than 100 developing countries. This is an increase of DM 300 million over 1994.
1996 - The Reconstruction Bank pledges to further increase both pledges and net transfers, despite forecasts of budgetary constraints in the future. Therefore, the Reconstruction Bank intends to encourage more private capital for development aid in addition to State allocations.

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