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Compliance Study: Germany

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"We will support public and private efforts to increase the use of information and communication technologies for development and encourage international organizations to assess the appropriate role which they can play."

Overall Grade: +1


In January 1997, Germany announced the completion of a 90Mbit/s connection of DeTeSystem, Nuremberg with MCI of the USA.

13 February 1997, BM Dr. Juergen Ruettgers briefed the UN General Secretary about his initiative with the framework of the G7 Research Ministers' Round regarding the surveillance and investigation of criminal and racist material with international websites.

In March 1997, the 45 M/bit/s connection of B-WiN (Breitband-Wissenschaftsnetz) with the TEN-34- Verbund was completed. Through both public and private financial support Germany plans to launch its first pilot projects using regional testbeds with a transmission capacity of up to 622Mbits/s by mid-1997.

7-9 April 1997 - In a joint effort by the European Commission, the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and the City of Bonn/Telebonn, the first annual G7 Project, "Global Marketplace for SMEs" (Small and Medium size Enterprises) took place. Its objectives were to set-up a global business information network, remove barriers to electronic commerce, promote the participation of SMEs in global electronic commerce and to set-up regional testbeds and pilot projects.

Within the G7 Project framework for GIS, Germany has concerned itself with the following;

The following legislation and regulations have been established;

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