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Compliance Study: France

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"We reaffirm out determination to enforce full implementation of all United Nations Security Council resolutions concerning Iraq and Libya, only full compliance with which could result in lifting of all sanctions."


In Northern Iraq, France continues to patrol the no-fly zone with the U.S. and the U.K. Since Lyon, France has taken no further action to implement the UN sanctions against either Iraq or Libya but does, however, continue to follow previously implemented measures. France did make a strong move away from the G7 Lyon position on Iraq by choosing not to endorse the September 1996 U.S. bombing of Iraq, despite Hussein's violation of the UN sanctions by invading Kurdistan. Further, France is supporting the movement to lift the sanctions imposed against Iraq once full compliance is confirmed. These actions give the appearance that France's policy towards Iraq is one of lenience, not determined enforcement.

A grade of -1 is given to France.

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