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Compliance Study: France

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"We support the High Representative in his work of preparation with the parties of the establishment of the new institutions: the collective Presidency, the Council of Ministers, the Parliament, the Constitutional Court and the central Bank. We shall provide the future authorities with the necessary constitutional and legal assistance."


France's disapproval with the Serbia Government's recent decision to disregard the national election guidelines established by the Contact Group has been clearly stated.

In November of 1996, a meeting was held in Paris regarding the future of Bosnia, co-chaired by France's Foreign Affairs Minister. A plan was developed to promote the stabilization of peace over the next two years in the region. The Presidents of Serbia and Croatia at this time accepted a thirteen point plan furthering the Paris Peace Accord and seeking to assist the governments in maintaining the peace, facilitating the region's economies, and restoring the daily life of its citizens. A hard line was drawn on the subject of aid: further financial aid would be contingent on the handing over of suspects to the war crimes tribunal. Finally, the Presidents pledged to complete Bosnia's joint structures and institutions as soon as possible.

On 27 May 1997 at the NATO-Russia Summit, President Chirac reiterated that international cooperation, particularly among North American, European and Russian Governments remains necessary to ensure that peace takes root in Bosnia.

It is clear, based primarily on the outcome of the November 1996 Summit that France, in union with its allies, is making considerable ongoing effort to provide assistance and direction to the Governments of the region. France is given a +1 on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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