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Professor John Kirton, University of Toronto

June 19, 1996

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For the Lyon Summit to be considered a full success, it must produce the following ten results:

  1. Treat Russia privately and publicly with full respect as a great power, and highlight those areas, notably United Nations reform and Bosnia peacekeeping, where Russia's responsible foreign policy actions have made an important contribution to G7 succe

  2. Confirm the value of globalization by resisting pressures, fed by employment anxieties in France, the United States and elsewhere, by emphasizing the benefits of openness and repudiating new measures of protectionism. This includes a rejection of move

  3. Emphasize the need to maintain low interest rates and continue fiscal consolidation, especially in North America.

  4. Stop the election-fuelled trend in the United States toward unilateralism in trade policy (evident in the financial services, telecommunications and maritime sectors, in Helms-Burton and over Libya and Iran). Ensure that President Clinton, the Congres

  5. Agree to relieve the unsustainable multilateral debt of a broad range of severely indebted low income countries, by the creative use, and if necessary the sale, of some IMF gold.

  6. Ensure a successful "Rio Review" in 1997 by putting in place a process to monitor compliance with the existing global environmental conventions (including biodiversity), making further progress on climate change, and committing the G7 and Russia to se

  7. Maintain the momentum of Halifax on United Nations reform by reporting on the areas where progress has been made and highlighting the many areas and institutions where renewal is required. In doing so, it is important to outline a balanced approach in

  8. Ensure that an earlier commitment to sign a comprehensive test ban treaty in September is kept, together with agreed-upon measures to ensure that China becomes a fully complying member of the regime.

  9. Signal credibly that all G7 countries are prepared to maintain their ground forces in Bosnia and Haiti as long as necessary to ensure peace.

  10. Take concrete measures to prevent the escalation of deadly conflict in Burundi and sanction the Nigerian government's major violation of human rights in its country.

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