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G8 Labour Ministers Meetings

Social Summit 2009
People First:
Tackling Together the Human Dimension of the Crisis
Chair's Statement
A Global Commitment for People:
Social Cohesion Is the Driver of the Economic Recovery

March 31, 2008, Palazzo della Farnesina, Rome, Italy

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G8 plus Brasil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and Egypt Labour, Social and Social Development Ministers together with ILO, IMF and OECD, gathered in Rome, March 30 and 31, to discuss in a comprehensive way the impact of the current economic crisis on the labour market. There was agreement on promoting sound and effective policies based on common principles to address the human dimension of the crisis.

]Unemployment and poverty waste economic and human potential. That is why People First is the key word of a set of policies that aim to create jobs, support income, enhance social protection systems and invest in skills.

Measures taken internationally should aim to restore confidence, stability, and growth. A strategic response to the crisis requires an integrated economic, employment and social approach. Good macroeconomic policies must be linked to employment and social policies, that restore the confidence in the future and increase long-term saving and consumption.

Three main actions can help establish a global commitment for people:

  1. promote employment, skills and income support to unemployed people, to strengthen their skills and to maintain companies’ employment;
  2. improve social protection systems as drivers of the “confidence virtuous circle” and, consequently, of the economic and employment recovery;
  3. include social sustainability in the economic stability assessments at the national and international levels.

Supporting people and maintaining productive and employment capability

Better welfare, more confidence, more jobs

Social sustainability and economic stability

Discussion underlined the relevance of a continued and constant dialogue on future actions to protect employment, improve social protection and create more jobs. The outcomes of the Social Summit will be conveyed to the G20 Leaders London Summit, together with the results of the G20 London Jobs Conference. Our Leaders in La Maddalena will discuss how countries can work together to develop policies to tackle unemployment and to consider the social dimension in a global commitment for employment and social protection.

Source: Official Italian G8 website

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