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2001 G8 Pre-Summit Academic Symposium

Assembling a New International Financial Architecture:
The Deeper Challenges Summit

17 July, 2001, Rome


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Bayne, Sir Nicholas. Reforming the International Financial Architecture: The G7 Summit's Successes and Shortcomings (Paper Revised for Publication, 26 July 2001). [PDF]

Fratianni Professor Michele. International Lender of Last Resort: A Concept in Search of a Meaning (draft). [PDF]

Freytag, Professor Andreas. Generating Global Growth in the "New Economy". [PDF]

Gomel, Giorgio. Crisis prevention and the role of IMF conditionality. [PDF]

Kirton, Professor John.The G7's Role and Response. [PDF]

Kiuchi, Takashi. Japan, Asia and the Rebuilding of Financial Sector.

Salvatore, Professor Dominick. Problems and Reforms of the International Monetary System. [PDF]

Savona, Professor Paolo. On Some Unresolved Problems Of Monetary Theory And Policy (draft). [PDF]

Rugman,Professor Alan. Britain, the Euro and North America. [PDF]

Von Furstenberg, Professor George. One Region, One Money: Implications of Regional Currency Consolidation for Financial Services (draft). [PDF]

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