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Trinity College in the University of Toronto

G7 and G8 Research Group Chairs

Each year, the G7 and G8 Research Group recruits analysts and researchers who work on compliance and related research projects under the direction of a student executive based at the University of Toronto, led by the chair.

2012-2015 Enko Koceku
2011-2012 Abdi Aidid
2010-2011 Netila Demneri
2009-2010 Sarah Yun
2007-2008 Cliff Vanderlinden
2006-2007 Janet Chow
2005-2006 Vanessa Corlazzoli
2004-2005 Tony Navaneelan
2003-2004 Bob Papanikolaou
2002-2003 Bob Papanikolaou and Salimah Ebrahim
1999-2001 Gina Stephens

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